Tea Capsule Collection and other infusions at Brian&Barry


It’s Tea Time!

ArtedelRicevere, one of Italy’s top tea brands has just opened its monobrand corner on the 5th floor (Woman Iconic Style) on Milan’s new Brian&Barry megastore in San Babila. To mark the occasion, the brand, established in 2002, presents its special Tea Capsule Collection of 6 Pu-erh green teas. A small though elegant shop-in-shop which, with its refined selection of teas represents an oasis of luxury, relaxation and wellness in the frenetic hustle and bustle of metropolitan shopping. Several of the brand’s varieties can also be sampled at the Asola restaurant on the ninth floor, as an accompaniment to the signature dishes created by starred chef Matteo Torretta. Open daily. 

Source: Where Milan, June 2014

ArtedelRicevere Tea Corner @ Brian Berry Megastore
ArtedelRicevere Tea Corner @ Brian&Barry Megastore

Tea Capsule Collection and other infusions

Check out online the full list of our teas available on the Tea Corner Brian&Barry

The new ArtedelRicevere corner hosts around fifty references selected from the Maison’s menu, ranging from the more classic teas such as white, green and black, to oolong and smoked ones: both pure full-leaf teas and mélange infusions.

The tea menu created for Brian&Barry boasts – as an absolute novelty of its own – a special tea-capsule collection dedicated to green Pu-erh teas (sheng cha) which comprises a total of 6 labels: four vintages from 2010 to 2013, as well as two rarities of 2011 and 2013 that come from ancient tea trees of more than 500-year-old.

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